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Chic & Savvy Inc.
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Company Profile:
AWARD WINNING DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE BEST NEW PRODUCT ... 2 YEARS RUNNING FOR BEST NEW NOVELTY GIFT & FASHION JEWELERY! We bring products to Canada that are unique and different. Example socks (kids, children, lady, man), tights, boot socks,over the knee socks, control shape wear, bra straps, hats, mitts, gloves, scarfs and jewellery, custom socks, Name Drop sublimation, souvenir  Chic&Savvy is a wholesaler of products from across the world. Our team has experience in the wholesale industry for over 30 years. We stock basic inventory colors and styles in our warehouse in Toronto, Canada and ship in 48 hours. Our Company Brands attend world wide trade shows from Paris, New York, Itaty, Brazil, Australia, Germany and all over the USA. We have showroom across Canada  

SALES AGENCY: Sophie William Agency

. No longer with leona romaniuka agencies. Please contact our office directly 1.888.462.9131 Sandra@chic-savvy.com

Product Category

  • Liz International / Control Shapewear and underwear
  • Purse Handbag Organizer
  • PurseN Purse Organizers
  • Rio Rox www.RioRox.com
  • Luna Venziana MASK Italian
  • Display Pillars fixture
  • CASA di Stella Sandals
  • Betty Ball www.BettyBall.com
  • Jewellery
  • Tatto Skin Jewellry
  • Miss Betty www.Miss-Betty.com
  • Fil de Jour Socks mix & Match socks, tights, mitts, scarfs, hats & purse. Fil de Joie
  • Dub & Drino Kids, Infant, Baby, Lady, Mens socks, tights, boot socks
  • Miss Betty - www.Miss-Betty.com - travel prefume refillable container
  • Betty Ball - protect your fine lingerie and bras wash ball www.BettyBall.com
  • Fashion First Aid - Double side clothing tape ( FASHION AID )
  • BikeCap www.BikeCap.com
  • SYBO

Product Highlights
GirlyGoGarter® by ANDY PAIGE
lacey garter with pockets that adheres to your upper thigh with patented GentleFlex™ Grippers


What is it?

The GirlyGoGarter® is a sexy, lacey garter with pockets that adheres to your upper thigh with patented GentleFlex™ Grippers.  There are two types of pockets on the GirlyGoGarter®: easy-access (on the outside, just within the lace) and lock-flap (on the inside, against your thigh). Both types of pockets keep your money, I.D., lip gloss, mobile phone, keys, passport and all of your essentials safe, secure and right at your fingertips.

GirlyGoGarter® To The Rescue!

Inventor is the auther of Style On A Shoestring

Dub & Drino Infants Kids Lady Mens
Mix & Match Socks, Tights, leggings, Mitts, Hats, Scarfs, Purse all in amazing prints
Dub & Drino: Socks, Boot socks, Leggings, Tights, Over the Knee socks, Hoisery, Leg warmers, Arm Warmers, Mitts, Gloves, Scarves, Hats. In sized for Infants, Baby, Kids, Children, Lady, Women, Men & Man. Designed in Paris France and made in Turkey. Fabric combinations: Cotton, angora, cashmere, silk & wool. Designed printed to mix & match the Mitts, Scarves & Purse with all leg wear. Great for Christmas gifts, Secret Santa gift & Stocking stuffers. Winter & Summer Products.
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Dub&Drino - MITTS & GLOVES
Mitts, Hats & Scarf collection

Dub & Drino: DESIGNED PARIS, FRANCE & MADE IN TURKEY. 150 YEAR OLD COMPANY. Mitts, Gloves, Scarfs, Hats that have been Designed prints to mix & match with Socks, Boot socks, Legging, Tights, Over the Knee socks, Hoisery, Leg warmers, Arm Warmers: In sizes for Kids, Children, Lady, Woman, Men & Man.  .  Fabric combinations: Cotton, angora, cashmere, silk & wool.  the Mitts, Scarf & Purse with all leg wear. Great for Christmas gifts, Secret Santa gift & Stocking stuffers. Winter & Summer Products.


Fil de Joie Lady & Men sock collection
Socks, Boot socks Tights, Leggings, Mitts, Gloves, Hats, Scarfs & Purse

 Fil de Jour Lady & Men sock collection. Product Assortment DESIGNED IN PARIS, FRANCE & MADE IN TURKEY. 150 YEAR OLD COMPANY. Socks, Boot socks, Legging, Tights, Over the Knee socks, Hoisery, Leg warmers, Arm Warmers, Mitts, Gloves, Scarfs, Hats.  Fabric combinations: Cotton, angora, cashmere, wool, silk & wool.  Designed prints to mix & match the Mitts, Scarf & Purse with all leg wear. Great for Christmas gifts, Secret Santa gift & Stocking stuffers. Winter & Summer Products.

GREAT GIFTS IDEA! Amazing window Displays.

Ladies Hoisery products made in Italy. Large sock collection in prints and patterns for man.
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Rio Rox - Jewel Strap
AWARD WINNER PRODUCT & DISTRIBUTOR Is creating a stir in the fashion scene with their dazzling Rio Rox Fashion Straps. The sexy, bling-adorned straps attach to bras, swimsuits and dresses and transform ordinary outfits into extraordinary ones.

 Rio Rox is designed in Canada.  Beautiful unique clear shoulder straps with colourfull jewel details.  Can be used on swimsuits & bras.  Great to wear with: that little black strapless dress, off the shoulder shirts, SWIM SUIT, CRUIZE, bridal, bridesmaid, bride, mother of the bride dresses, wedding, club wear, summer tank tops etc.  Adjustable straps.   

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Purse/ Handbag Organizer w/ matching cosmetic case
The Accessory Line that will Change the Way you live!

Purse & Handbag organizers / liners to insert inside a handbag with a place to organizer your keys, sunglasses, cosmetics, wallet, receipts. Features: Zipper option to expand larger, 2 different sizes, 9 pockets, pen holder, zipper pocket for coins. Matching accessories available: sunglass & cosmetic case. Other use: can use as a bathroom organizer of your cosmetic. In beautiful colors which compliment your bathroom area. Available in basic colors Leopard, Red, Black, Brown, Red Leopard & in-stock in the Canada warehouse all year around & ship with 48 hours. Christmas & Birthdays. Contact directly our customer service at Sandra@chic-savvy.com PurseN

Product Brochure
ShowStoppers is the perfect accessory to keep your fashion fastened. You can fix a revealing dress, close a shirt gap, conceal bra straps, create a perfect hem.... The Travel Pack is the most practical and convenient travel companion to ensure your Fashion is always Fastened even when you're on the go! Each Pack have 2 ShowStopper Strips. Their compact size allows them to easily travel with you in your travel bag, purse, cosmetic case, or to simply store with you in your car or at your desk. *Party Favors *Bachelorette Parties *Wedding Kits *Stocking Stuffers *Office Parties

Liz International ( LZ ) - Control body wear
Helps retail stores sell clothing as this product smooths and control the womans body

 Undercontrol underwear products are designed to help a women appear she has lost one dress size.  The products is beathable and can be worn in the summer as it wicks away and keeps you cool and dry.  The assortment includes control panty ( briefs ), bermuda shorts, control bodysuit & teddy, high waisted panty and shorts.  It smooth out the body.

Available in basic colors Golden and Black & in-stock in the Canada warehouse all year around & ship with 5 days.  Contact directly our customer service at sandra@chic-savvy.com and/or 18884629131.  Showrooms located in Toronto, Alberta, BC and Quebec.

Product Brochure
Rio Rox - New 4 Way Bracelet
Patent product
New and hot off the press. A picture of the new product will be released just before the August CGTA - Canadian Gift Show in Toronto. Designer Limited Editions will be created and available in limited stock. Visit our booth at CGTA to see the new Award Winner brands newest product launch. It's a secret! Picture is of their current brands assortment. New picture will be available August 10, 2013. Buzz words: wrist, finger, ankle, toe bracelet or sandal, foot, feet, hand accessory. One product is designed to be worn in 4 different ways. Patented product. Unique packaging

Wild Habitat
Souvenirs products

  Wild Habitat: Souvenirs products: Baby Booties, socks ( baby, kids, ladies and men’s socks), Lounge wear, cami & boxer, free display fixtures with min. qty purchase, Bamboo Lounge wear, T-shirt, tank. PJ pants, boxer shorts, Baby Booties, sublimation.   CUSTOM WORK POSSIBLE.


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